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Saturday, 31. July 2010 08:27 Category: General

Day 6

Russia kicks defending champion Netherlands out of tournament

Group E
In the game, that had to be stopped due to rain yesterday, it is the defending champion Netherlands, who can score one more run in the  sixth inning for a 3-2 win over Czech. In the following game the Czech  Juniors rehabilitate themselves by beating France 10-0. In the last and  also decisive game in this group Russia plays The Netherlands for the  last spot in the semi-finals. In front of a sellout crowd Russia's  Juniors need a win over The Netherlands to go through to the semis and  they do achieve this goal with an impressive performance, defeating the  Dutch 4-1.

Group F
In the head-to-head game for the second spot in the semi-finals besides Team Italy in Group F Germany wins against Slovakia in a game that balances on a knife's edge for a couple of innings with a  final score of 12-5. Therewith Team Germany also moves ahead of Italy to  notch the top spot in this group.

This means that on Saturday morning Russia plays Italy in the first semi-final (10am), whereas Czech meets Team Germany for the other spot in the gold medal game later (12:30). The final will be played at 6pm.

Group G
In the classification round only two games can be played today because of the bad weather conditions. With a 9-0 win over Serbia Team Belgium secures 10th place. Team Austria loses its last game of the  tournament against Israel (4-8) as well and remains winless. All other games in this group have to be cancelled because of the rain.